May Days - “A traditional spring festival observed in many countries as a labour holiday” In 1949 in Rutland it was called The old “Rally Days” that were held on the 3 of June, starting in 1921. When King George V ended the June holiday, it became a Dominion Day celebration on 1 July and then it was discontinued for many years.
Centennial year of 1958, a big celebration was again held in Rutland on the Monday of the long weekend. It was a beautiful day and everyone was so enthusiastic.
As everyone enjoyed this event so tremendously, the Park Society decided to organize a yearly event with a softball tournament, children activities, parade, and family fun day. Thus began the Rutland May Days, in 1959.
It was the Rutland Elementary students that would do the “May Pole Dancing” every year in conjunction with May Days. It meant practicing for several weeks to learn the steps and how to weave the banners.
This led to choosing a May Queen, with the cooperation of the Rutland Elementary School.
Later it became the Macintosh Pageant and in 1967 the Miss Rutland Pageant.
The crowning of a Miss Rutland (who represented the Rutland Chamber of Commerce and also participated in Kelowna’s Lady of the Lake Pageant.) Later it became the Macintosh Pageant
and in 1967 the Miss Rutland Pageant.

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We would like to acknowledge Rutland Park Society member and local historian Evelyn Vielvoye for her valuable contribution to the historical information on these pages. It and much more great info about Rutland can be found in Her book co-written with Elaine Senger calle "Down Memory Lane - A Pictoral History: How one beautiful Okanagan Valley became the Town Site of a Growing Community called Rutland (1908-2008)"

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